Reclaim Her

Intuitive Painting Experience

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Paint a path to your

Untamed Joy




She was Transformed


Intuitive Painting is process focused mark making without the need to impress, compare, judge or worry. This is a fulfilling practice within the art of self discovery.

6-Week Intuitive Painting Workshop




find your way back to yourself

Somewhere in the middle we get lost to work, family, responsibility. Worn out, we leave self care behind because “there isn’t time”. We allow everyone and everything to take their place first.

We start to take the scraps from the Universe. We say “No, no, it’s ok”  We stop taking up space, stop standing up for ourselves, we lose our voices and even stop breathing…

But Lady, this workshop is about setting aside some time for YOU. This workshop gives you some sacred space to breathe and allow yourself time to lean into finding your way back to yourself.

It’s about making a mess, letting go & getting loose. It’s about re-discovering and listening to that little voice deep down within. It’s about transformation and focusing on the process not the finished product. You’ll be surrounded by a sisterhood. In a safe place to be wild and free, you’ll be intuitively painting your way back to Untamed Joy.

Fierce Hope

She's waiting

Beautiful, Powerful

“Art has the power to render sorrow beautiful, make loneliness a shared experience and transform despair into hope.”

– Brené Brown


Intuitive Painting Experience

with Julee Herrmann

"The process is kind of like chasing energy and color around on paper."





Place to Play

& find your way back to yourself

Imagine playing; getting lost in the paint. Blissfully rediscovering WHO YOU ARE in the process. Imagine cultivating intuitive playfulness into your everyday life.

Join us for a beautiful practice in listening & tuning into HER.

To Remember HER, Reconnect with HER and most of all Reclaim HER.

Are you ready to find her again? 

If so, this workshop is for you. 

Reclaim Her

Intuitive Painting Experience

What to expect...

Once a week for 6 weeks, you and an intimate group of women will be lead through the process of connecting with your inner self through intuitive painting.

I will be here with you each step of the way gently helping you peel back the layers, feel your way through allowing energy to bubble up and move. 

Every week we’ll begin with meditation, journal prompts and discussion that will guide us to root into ourselves as we begin to discover that voice deep within. You will find an abundance of paints, paper and tools to work with. You’ll also find permission, safety and compassion.

Workshops hosted at:
The Practice for Women home of
Reclaiming Studios
1444 S. Main Street. 
Walnut Creek, CA 94596

Fall Series to be announced here

Untamed Joy

She's ready

Yes, You Belong

You are welcome here. No judgement, no barriers, just open arms. This workshop is for YOU.

“To the brave and broken hearted who have taught us how to rise again after a fall: Your Courage is Contagious”

-Brené Brown

Hear from Her


Julee stood by my side and listened with gentle compassion all the while guiding me gracefully into my own power.



Julee brings beauty, depth and soul, into all of her workshops. Sharing her gifts, with grace, vulnerability and endless generosity which brings the sacred container to life and allows me to dive deep into my very being.


Come Play With Me

Hi, my name is Julee.  My joy is helping women reclaim their power through intuitive painting.

Years ago I was in a time of transition and I found myself drawn to experimenting with watercolors on enormous paper.

Watching the colors flow and mix and move together I suddenly realized that I was feeling at ease… caught up in the meditative dance of color. The more I moved the color around the better I felt. The better I felt the more clarity I gained. That clarity brought me back into connection with myself and deep healing began.

I’ve finally found a way to share this process with you and my heart is bursting with Untamed Joy…

Start Your Journey to You

A beautiful practice in listening & tuning into HER


Only 15 Spots Available Per Class